DSP For Developers

It helps developers...

To make any piece of data, large or small, residing anywhere within an enteprise ecosystem available to any user within the system in near real time or time of their choice without writing any new code.

DSP For IT Managers

It helps managers to achieve:

Significant development cost reduction
Huge improvement in time-to-production for new data initiatives
Noticable data quality improvement with focus shift from processing to data quality

DSP For Businesses

DSP produces value for business...

unlike most ETL tools. You don't need a developer at $100 per hour to generate, test, deploy, maintain your code. DSP is a data processing system that adds to the bottom line from day 1.

Typical Use Cases

Have a look at two use cases below, a basic one and a complex one...

The basic DSP use matches exactly the acronym for this type of a system. It's a TPL; Transfer, Parse & Load system (not an ETL). The real power of DSP lies in its ability to create complex streams within the enterprise to handle complex business requests and to satisfy the complexities of internal data dependendcies.

Additional Information

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